Hello Dreamers !

Hello, my name is Lela and I am the founder of Magic Ideas. My passion is to transform simple into extraordinary ! I believe in Magic and Unicorns, I love bows and Tutus. Creativity is a daily adventure for me.

Since I was little, I eagerly waited for my birthday. I created themed parties full of color and magic. I did fashion shows, tea parties, princess dances, magic performances, among others.

When my family moved to Charlotte, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my best friends in an amazing sleepover. I wanted this experience to be something magical. I looked and looked but could not find the sleepover I dreamed of. Soooo, I decided to do it myself, the adventure started. Got the fabrics, accessories and hands-on. I designed and sewed the tents for my birthday !

"Follow your dreams they know the way" it's my favorite quote. Magic Ideas is a company that makes dreams come true for girls like you and me, who are looking for something unique ! But like in all successful businesses, a team is needed, and I have the best one : MOM and GRANDMA, my perfect allies in this adventure. Along with them we gave life to this dream. We are proud to be a three-generation company. We have lots of fun designing and creating our own teepees and add-ons. Together we will show that dreaming does not have an age!
Blow the Dandelion, and let us make your wishes come true !

Let the Magic begin ...